Credit Bureau-free instant loan from Switzerland.

A Credit Bureau-free instant loan from Switzerland sounds like a solid, conservative solution to problems with Credit Bureau. In the article, we will show you the fastest way to get Swiss credit.

Credit Bureau-free instant loan from Switzerland – traditional loan

Credit Bureau-free instant loan from Switzerland - traditional loan

A Credit Bureau-free instant loan from Switzerland, also called a housewife loan or a loan without Credit Bureau, has a long tradition. The first loan offers of this type appeared in advertising during the economic miracle. At that time, the loan offers actually came from Switzerland. Swiss banks have a good reputation, are considered very discreet and business-minded. In the vernacular, it was not long before the name was coined as “Swiss credit”.

With the introduction of the euro, the offer changed. Various other foreign banks from all over Europe also recognized the business potential for Credit Bureau-free loans. The financial crisis and Banking Supervision  put a spanner in the works. In April 2009, the last “real” credit provider from Switzerland had to surrender.

It was Capital Lender, which was forced to give up after more than six years of litigation. At that time, the company had granted Credit Bureau-free loans for around 108 million USD. (Source process documents).

Since then, a “Credit Bureau-free instant loan from Switzerland” can no longer come from the land of mountains and banks. The advertising name of this type of credit has been retained as “Swiss credit”.

Swiss credit as an instant loan – possible?

Swiss credit as an instant loan - possible?

Instant loans are an invention of modern times. The system works very simply. Up to a maximum loan amount of around USD 5,000, loan applications can be checked using the simplified procedure. The credit provider submits an online loan application online, and its in-house verification system carries out a preliminary credit check. Very few receipts have to be submitted, the money is usually in the account after about seven working days.

A Credit Bureau-free instant loan would be desirable, but it is currently not feasible. Credit Bureau-free loans are advertised exclusively by the credit brokerage industry. As far as is known, all legal loan offers relate exclusively to a single credit bank. It is Cream Bank from Liechtenstein. The credit bank itself does not advertise. Only a very simple website is on the net. The bank does not offer an instant loan or an online credit check.

In view of the sometimes time-consuming credit check procedure, which Credit Bureau remains excluded, it would also be eyewash to offer an instant loan. Posting the application can take up to six days. Then the public debt register must be queried.

This is not a central online database, but is managed independently by each judicial district. The request for inspection must be made in writing. If the court accepts fax as written, it can be done quickly. If the court insists on the written form by post, the post may delay processing up to twelve days.

How can I apply for a Credit Bureau-free Swiss loan?

How can I apply for a Credit Bureau-free Swiss loan?

A Credit Bureau-free instant loan from Switzerland – Liechtenstein can be applied for in Germany via any of the known credit providers. Practically all financing offers without Credit Bureau relate to the Liechtensteiner Kreditbank. The customer benefit is not limited to convenience. A credit intermediary, such as Bon Kredit, can alternatively arrange a loan despite Credit Bureau. This means that the loan offer is not only limited to the Fine Lender Bank.

If it is definitely the Swiss loan without Credit Bureau, then direct application is recommended. So there are no additional costs for brokering credit. The necessary application forms can be downloaded from the website.

Overview of loan terms

Overview of loan terms

A Credit Bureau-free instant loan from Switzerland – since 2010 from Liechtenstein – is not a loan without proof of creditworthiness. In addition to the credit check via the public debt register, the income is also checked for the Credit Bureau-free international loan. Only those who have been working for the same employer for at least 12 months have credit opportunities. The minimum net income depends on the loan amount and living conditions.

Only two loan amounts are offered. They are to be repaid in 40 equal monthly installments. Possible are:

– 3,500 USD credit – effective annual interest rate 11.62 percent – installments of 105.95 USD
– 5,000 USD credit – effective annual interest rate 11.61 percent – installments 151.35 USD

For the smaller loan amount, a single person must prove a net work income from dependent employment of 1,130 USD / month. For 5,000 USD, the income limit already rises to 1,600 USD / month. A Credit Bureau-free instant loan from Switzerland or Liechtenstein is in the account at the earliest after about 7 working days. However, it can also take up to six weeks.